BoardResearch has implemented the following measures to guarantee the safety, privacy and reliability of the information provided to BoardResearch:

  • Anonymity: Individual members only have access to their own, individually administered questionnaire. In no way will any other person of your organization have access to the information you provide. This also applies to the coordinator of the research (the person within your organization that manages the self-assessment process of your organization).
  • Security: All questionnaires are completed within a so-called https-environment. This implies that all data will be encrypted using SSL-encryption. These techniques make sure that other parties cannot intercept the information you send over the Internet.
  • Third parties: BoardResearch is the only party that has access to the information you provide.
  • Privacy: BoardResearch is committed to the rules of the Data Protection Act (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens, Wbp).
  • Report I: The benchmark reports are only accessible to the supervisory board and/or management board of your organization.
  • Report II: The benchmark reports do not contain information that is traceable to individuals. Only a specific board member has access to his/her personalized view - self-view report, while at the same time the view - self-view report does not contain information that can be traced to an individual colleague.
  • Validity: BoardResearch uses scientifically validated instruments.
  • Confidentiality: Access to the website is on the basis of unique, individually assigned passwords.
  • Scientific publications: BoardResearch may use the information from the questionnaires for scientific research. This will only be done anonymously; we will not publish any information that can be traced back to participating boards. BoardResearch guarantees the anonymity of individuals and organizations that have used BoardResearch's web based self-assessment instrument.