BoardResearch uses scientifically validated measurement instruments. This implies that the instruments used by BoardResearch have been thoroughly tested on their methodological validity. To insure the reliability of the outcomes for your board of directors it is necessary that every member of the board of directors and of the management team participates in the self-evaluation.

To gain insight into the performance of your board, BoardResearch uses a so-called 360º questionnaire design. This 360º instrument involves questions regarding the functioning of the board, but also regarding the functioning of individual board members. You assess the functioning of the board as a whole, the functioning of your fellow board members and your fellow board members assess your functioning. The questionnaire can be completed within 30 minutes and includes a number of themes that have been selected on both practical relevance and methodological validity.

The instruments BoardResearch uses enables BoardResearch to reliably map the performance of both the board and its individual members. As a result, BoardResearch will generate a benchmark report for your board on the basis of the information provided.