Example reports

Based on the answers given by executive and non-executive directors, three reports will be provided by BoardResearch. The contents of these reports is explained below, as well as examples of these reports. The example scores are fictional.

1. Personal benchmark report

In this report both personal and benchmark scores concerning the board as a whole are presented.

The personal scores in this report indicate how a non- executive director perceives his/her own individual functioning in the board. This score is compared to the perception of his/ her colleagues regarding his/ her functioning. For this reason, this report is personal and confidential.

Moreover, in this report the view of non-executive directors regarding the functioning of the board as a whole is compared to a benchmark consisting of other boards of directors from the same industry. This benchmark report indicates how the selfview of the non-executive directors regarding their own board relates to the self-views that other non-executive directors have of their own boards in the same industry. This comparison allows your board to identify strengths and possible issues so that action can be taken.

2. Executive Report

Executive directors receive a report in which their perception of the functioning of the non- executive directors is compared to the perception that the non-executive directors have of their own functioning. This is the BoardResearch Executive Report. Due to privacy reasons, this report is only sent to the executive directors. This is because individual answers of executives could be derived from the scores. It is up to the individual executive director whether or not to share insights from this report with non-executive directors.

3. Feedback of open questions

Executive and non-executive directors fill out a questionnaire with open questions. In this report all the answers to the open questions are collected and presented. The answers are given by both executive and non- executive directors, but it is not possible to derive individually given answers.