External facilitators

When is it advisable to involve a facilitator for the supervisory board's self-evaluation? BoardResearch highlights five situations below that may call for an external facilitator.

For the situations described below it will be advisable to involve a facilitator for the supervisory board's self-evaluation:

  • When the chairperson of the supervisory board chooses or is required to transfer the chair position in order to freely participate in the self-evaluation.
  • When an independent discussion partner is needed between the different members of the supervisory board or between the supervisory board and the management board.
  • When individual board members do not have experience in interpreting statistical scores.
  • When an independent person is needed to ask critical questions.
  • When assistance is needed to write a clear follow-up report.


BoardResearch cooperates with boardroom consultants affiliated with Strategic Management Centre Laren. Their consultants are experienced in using BoardResearch. If you are interested in involving an external facilitator via BoardResearch, please contact Strategic Management Centre Laren.