Best practices

BoardResearch has years of experience with supervisory board self-evaluations. We would like to share several insights with you.

Best Practices document

BoardResearch has made a succinct overview of insights and tips for the self-evaluation of the supervisory board, namely the BoardResearch Best Practices. In the BoardResearch Best Practices document we explain the method upon which BoardResearch is based, we provide tips for an effective board evaluation and we highlight several common pitfalls. For the Best Practices document click here.

Management board

To get a more complete view on the functioning of your supervisory board, it is essential to include management board members in the evaluation of the supervisory board. For more information about involving management board members please click here.


You can choose to ask an external facilitator to guide the supervisory board's self evaluation. BoardResearch would like to provide you with some guidelines as to when it may be a good idea to ask for an external facilitator. For more information on when an external facilitator might be a good idea for your board please click here.