Who we are

BoardResearch comprises a team of researchers affiliated with the University of Groningen, namely Dennis Veltrop, Jaap van Manen and Reggy Hooghiemstra.

As a result of our academic research as well as our professional background we have gathered extensive knowledge on the functioning of supervisory boards and management boards. We make use of scientifically validated insights, but at the same time do not want to make things unnecessarily complex. In our work we strive for content, depth, and simplicity.

d.b.veltropdr. D.B. (Dennis) Veltrop

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j.a.vanmanenProf. dr. J.A. (Jaap) van Manen

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r.b.h.hooghiemstradr. R.B.H. (Reggy) Hooghiemstra

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foto sophie S.E. (Sophie) Houtenbos, MSc

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