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Improve the performance of your board

BoardResearch helps supervisory boards with their annual self-evaluation and provide supervisory boards insight into group processes, mutual relationships and behaviour and culture in the boardroom through an online questionnaire.

Our goal

BoardResearch is an initiative of researchers from the University of Groningen. BoardResearch’s mission is to support self-assessments of supervisory boards and to contribute to research in the field of behaviour and culture in the boardroom.

Your advantage

  • You can benchmark your supervisory board to other supervisory boards by using a benchmark report.
  • BoardResearch gives directors insight into the performance of their boards.
  • BoardResearch uses a standardized scientifically sound methodology which explicitly deals with behavioural processes.
  • Participation in the evaluation takes only max. one hour.
  • The lead time from start to receive the reports is standard three weeks.

More information and planning

For more information about BoardResearch or for planning the self-evaluation of your supervisory board, click the button below.